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What Caribbean Partnership Can Do For You:

  • We provide opportunities for Rotarians throughout our Zones 33 and 34 to develop relationships, share knowledge, ideas and interests that would result in partnered clubs
  • We strongly encourage Rotarians to share fellowship and use the experience to build lasting relationships
  • We facilitate the secure transfer of financial resources from donors to areas where it is needed most to effect projects and or disaster relief operations
  • We make Cultural Exchanges possible
  • We encourage Rotary Clubs to effect Friendship Exchanges
  • We bring an innovative and  focused approach to improving Communications between Countries
  • We share Rotary Ideas and Interests and also assist in strengthening Rotary in Partnered Clubs and Districts
  • Our program falls under The Family of Rotary and includes our younger Partners in Service.  Such as, Interact & Rotaract
  • We aim to develop joint projects as a natural evolution from each of the above to benefit our local, regional and global communities
  • Although not first responders, we provide the immediate basic and long term necessities of life to individuals and families in affected communities in the event of a disaster.